Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mystery Loving Feline's Debut

     While doing laundry this morning, my mind was wandering over random thoughts. Among those random thoughts, two ideas stuck and this blog is the result of one of them. Being a book lover, specially of the mystery genre, why not start a blog on books that I've read! Admittedly, the reviews will not be those of a professional critic. The critiques/comments will be subjective at best. But it does seem to be a natural progression to bring together two things that I like to do - read and write. So in the next few days hopefully I will find time to get started on this new blog of mine. And this being my intro to this venture, I would also like to state as a disclaimer that all comments and statements made in this blog are my personal views and opinions and do not in any way claim to be of a professional nature. Any one who wishes to post a comment, whether in favor or in disagreement are most welcome to do so as everyone is entitled to one's own opinion. I only request that such comments should be made in a mature and courteous manner. In other words, let's play nice, ok? That said, wait for further posts.....

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