Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boulder Creek Steakhouse

     When craving a steak with all the usual trimmings, one of the places we like to go to is Boulder Creek Steakhouse. A pretty straight forward looking establishment along Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square, NY, it's like an Outback Steakhouse that's a little rougher around the edges (in a good way of course).

     When you walk in, you're immediately greeted by this glass enclosed square fire place in the middle of the reception area. I've never seen this fireplace actually going, but then again we haven't been there during the winter season. Off to the side of this fireplace, towards the right is a small alcove serving as the seating area. It has simple cushioned benches lining the walls that are adorned with some rustic decor pieces. Opposite the waiting area is the bar with the usual accoutrements, including large flat screen tvs strategically arranged for the various patrons to watch whatever channel(s) they may be tuned to. For some reason, I find that these tvs are almost always tuned in to sports channels, regardless what restaurant it is. The rest of the restaurant is divided into various sized booths with a few tables scattered here and there. I have to say I like that they have more booths than tables since I prefer to be enclosed in one rather than be in the more open table set up. All along the walls you'll see old signages that appear to be from old ranches or mines, or advertising various items dating from gold rush days. There are also various implements used in mining like pick axes and the like. Nothing fancy, and interesting enough to keep you entertained for a bit while you wait for your food.

     The menu itself is typical steakhouse fare with prices in the mid range level. Their prices have actually gone up a bit in the past year but are still reasonable enough for the quality and quantity. There are the usual selections for entrees (steaks, chicken, seafood), sides, soups, sandwiches, beverages and desserts. They also have a kiddie menu featuring the usual mac n' cheese, chicken fingers and fries among other things. My husband, typical of the male species, likes meat. So he always orders, without fail, the biggest steak available. This would be the 20 oz porterhouse. He likes it medium well, with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. This steak is huge, and comes to your table sizzling on a hot plate. For its size, it comes done as you ordered it which I like because no one wants their steak under or overdone. It's also very flavorful, having just the right amount of seasoning with just enough fat still on it to give it that extra oomph. Eating this steak might make your cardiologist have palpitations but it just tastes good so what the heck! Their garlic mashed potatoes aren't that creamy or smooth, you'd still feel some teeny tiny lumps in there. But I don't mind, for me the texture is just fine and the flavor is spot on.

     Aside from the steaks other items on the menu that we've tried are the buffalo wings (my favorite), french onion soup, and crispy fried calamari. The buffalo wings can be ordered either mild or hot and comes with the usual blue cheese dip and celery sticks. Although it's an appetizer I've ordered this as my main course and the amount of wings was just right. The french onion soup comes in either a cup or bowl, quite tasty and is my husband's favorite. And we both love having calamari, which used to come in these really big rings of fried squid goodness and marinara dip on the side. For some reason though, when we last ate there, the squid seem to have shrunk in size along with the amount you get in one serving. Guess this particular appetizer is a victim of the recession? Thankfully, despite the 'shrinkage', it remains as yummy as ever.

     So if any of you happen to be in this area and you're in the mood for some hearty food and good drinks, head on in to Boulder Creek Steakhouse for a flavorful meal with good value for your money.

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  1. kala ko piniritong palaka! they look like legs. Wings pala. buffalo wings hehe.

  2. hahahaha...malou, i would never eat frog's legs!!! eewwwwwwww